Windows 11 released an update to connect more functions with iOS and Android phones

Microsoft recently updated Windows 11.Microsoft’s chief product officer,Panos Panay,described the new feature changes of this update in the form of a blog article.

The updated Windows 11 brings a series of new functions.For example,users can directly connect iPhone to Windows 11 PC through the new Phone Link function for iOS system in the preview version.In addition,it also brings optimized touch experience,full screen widgets and fast access to Windows 365 applications.Windows 11 also includes the”Start”menu driven by AI,which is continuously updated to create a simpler and more sustainable operating system.

The preview version of this update can connect the iOS system with the Windows 11 information function.iPhone users do not have to worry about missing important phone calls or text messages while focusing on using the Windows 11 PC.

The photo application is integrated with iCloud to access photos in iPhone more easily and quickly.

The preview version will be open to Windows Insiders testers first.Users can visit the Windows Insider blog to learn more about the mobile phone connection functions applicable to iOS system in the preview version.

The connection between Android devices and Windows PCs is also closer.For users who use Samsung mobile phones,they can activate their personal hotspots from the Wi-Fi network list on the PC.With the Recent Websites function,Samsung users can also easily transfer the content of the pages they browse from their smartphones to Windows PCs.

AI technology is also more involved in Windows 11 system.

Last year,Microsoft launched Windows Studio effects,which allows users to customize audio and video effects for their own scenes.Users can use these function effects together with the built-in camera and microphone to enhance the video call experience,such as Eye Contact,Background Blur,Automatic Framing and Voice Focus.This update makes it easier for users to find and adjust Windows Studio effects directly from the taskbar of Quick Settings.