What should I do if the display is not lit? These tips let you quickly solve

Everyone will inevitably encounter various problems in the process of using computers.Many failures will cause the display to fail to light up,which makes it easy to lock the problem on the display.In fact,as a durable hardware,the probability of failure of the display itself is relatively low.Below,the author summarizes some causes of abnormal display,which can be referred to by friends in need.

1 The display is completely black

If there is no response after the display is turned on,it is more likely that the power line is in poor contact.Because the power cord and interface of many monitors are connected in a vertical direction,after a long time of use,the power cord will inevitably become loose under the influence of gravity.This will lead to false connection of the power line,resulting in black screen of the display.There is also a case of black screen caused by damaged display hardware,which needs to be handed over to professionals for maintenance.

2 The indicator light of the display is on,but the screen is black

The display is completely black after startup,and only the indicator light remains on.Then,this situation is generally caused by memory module failure.We can disconnect the power supply of the host,unplug the memory module of the host,clean the gold finger part with rubber,and then plug it back into the original position to start.If there is still no improvement,you can use a single memory module to test each slot on the motherboard to check if there is a problem with the slot.

3 Display prompts no signal

When the display indicates that there is no signal,it is mainly due to the unstable connection at both ends of the video signal line,or the signal line is damaged.Of course,the probability of the latter is usually low.If you encounter this problem,try plugging and unplugging the signal cable again.If there is no response,you can consider replacing the video interface.Most monitors and hosts will be equipped with two or more video interfaces.This method can be used to eliminate the interface and wire failure.Finally,replace the host for testing to determine whether it is the host.

4 Stripes or abnormal display on the display

There are many reasons for the display screen to be blurred.You can replace other hosts to determine whether the connection line or the display itself is faulty.After eliminating the above reasons,you can consider the problem of graphics card.On the one hand,it may be caused by poor contact between the graphics card and the motherboard.The solution is to clean the gold finger and restart it just like checking the memory.On the other hand,there is a problem with the graphics card driver.Restart the computer,enter the safe mode,uninstall the graphics card driver,and then reinstall it.Usually,the problem can be solved.

These are the common problems that lead to poor display and some simple solutions.It should be noted that if you do not know much about computer hardware,you are not recommended to disassemble the computer by yourself.This is because many hardware has clips,which can easily cause hardware damage without knowing the removal method.It is the safest way to find a professional to repair it directly.