Tesla will start producing cars in Mexico in 2024

Samuel Garcia,the governor of the state of New Leon,said on Monday local time that Tesla may start producing the first batch of cars in Mexico next year,and the electric vehicle manufacturer will soon obtain the final license to build a factory in New Leon.

“They are waiting for the final license…once it is completed,they can start.I hope it will be this month,that is,March.”Samuel Garcia said in an interview,”I think the first batch of cars will appear next year,that is,2024.”

On March 2,Tesla’s CEO announced this investment.The company has selected Mexico as the next”super factory”and plans to produce”next generation cars”.

Mexican officials said that the plant would become the largest electric vehicle manufacturer in the world,with an investment value of 5 billion US dollars(IT Home Note:currently about 34.55 billion yuan).

Garcia also revealed that the subsequent stage of the factory may involve the production of chips,batteries and other components,”which is why they bought such a large area of land.”