Tesla announced that it will officially open the super charging station to electric vehicle users of other brands in the United States

Tesla today announced that it will open some super charging stations to non-Tesla electric vehicle owners in the United States,and explained how it works.

According to Tesla,more than 40000 super-charging stations have been set up in the world,and 200 miles can be replenished in 15 minutes.

If you are an electric vehicle owner in the United States and want to go to Tesla’s super charging station to charge,how do you operate it?

It’s simple.Non-Tesla owners only need to download the Tesla app and create an account,and then bind a credit card to go to some super charging stations equipped with Magic Dock to charge.It is worth mentioning that at present,such charging piles are mainly located in New York.

In Tesla application,the electric car owner can see the charging station on the map and select the gear you want to charge,and then just grab the handle(CCS adapter)from the Magic Dock and connect it to your car.