Salesforce launched the AI tool Einstein GPT to answer customer questions or write emails

ChatGPT’s popularity in the world has triggered a new AI storm in the technology industry.Recently,the American commercial software giant Salesforce also stepped on the last bus of the storm.

On Tuesday,Salesforce announced that the company will integrate artificial intelligence technology in the new software products,so as to help enterprise sales staff,customer service specialists and marketing staff to complete their work efficiently,including answering customer questions,writing marketing emails,etc.

Salesforce said that the new product will be called”Einstein GPT”,which uses the AI technology of ChatGPT developer OpenAI.

In November last year,OpenAI,a company supported by Microsoft,launched ChatGPT on the Internet.This artificial intelligence robot can talk and write with humans smoothly,and then caused a worldwide sensation.

ChatGPT represents a new”generative AI technology”.After training with massive data on the Internet,this robot can create text and various kinds of information.The success of ChatGPT has led many technology companies to join this new wave and prepare to seize new business opportunities.

It should be pointed out that these AI robots and language models are still immature and will give wrong answers.Therefore,relevant manufacturers should take a more cautious attitude when providing services to large enterprises or government agencies.

Clara Shih,CEO of Salesforce’s”service cloud”business,said that in terms of generative AI technology,they are moving quickly,but at the same time,they cannot sacrifice the moral responsibility of product quality.

Recently,Microsoft’s commercial software”Dynamics 365″,which competes with Salesforce,has integrated artificial intelligence technology,but the Microsoft team is also making every effort to minimize the negative impact of incorrect information.

Last month,Microsoft announced the introduction of a new AI function in the above software,which can help enterprise sales representatives write e-mails.On Monday,Microsoft announced that it will launch similar functions in the customer after-sales service segment.Users can apply to join a waiting list to experience this new function of Microsoft as soon as possible.

Previously,after ChatGPT became popular,Microsoft also integrated OpenAI’s dialogue robot into its Bing search engine at the first time.