Microsoft: Outlook for Mac is free

Microsoft has made Outlook for Mac free.Previously,you need to subscribe to Microsoft 365 or purchase Office to use this email client.It is now available through the Mac App Store.

As expected,Microsoft uses it as a good supplement to iOS Outlook.For example,if you haven’t finished writing on your Mac,you can send the draft email to your iPhone.An upcoming profile feature will be combined with the focus mode of macOS to help you limit notifications when you focus on your work.As with all Outlook versions,you can use email accounts of various third-party services,including Gmail,iCloud and Yahoo(the parent company of Engadget).

The company did not hide some of the reasons behind the move.The team is”rebuilding”Outlook for Mac,taking into account performance,reliability and accessibility.Free download may stimulate users who have never tried to use it.Of course,this may stimulate customers who want close integration between e-mail software and productivity applications to adopt Microsoft 365 and Office.

This increase may be welcome.There are not many large e-mail clients on Mac,and Mozilla’s Thunderbird is the most noteworthy.Some are paid or unlocked through subscription.Even though Outlook doesn’t always match their features,you now have a simple way to try it.