Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service Launches ChatGPT Preview

At the Build 2022 conference,Microsoft launched the Azure OpenAI preview service,providing customers with methods to use some of the most advanced AI language models in various use cases.Earlier this year,Microsoft officially launched the Azure OpenAI service and will access the OpenAI model in multiple product lines.With Azure OpenAI services,Azure Global Enterprise customers can directly call OpenAI models,including GPT-3,Codex and DALL.E models,and enjoy Azure’s trusted enterprise-level services and infrastructure optimized for AI.It also promised that ChatGPT for enterprise users will also be launched in the global version of Azure.

Now Microsoft has fulfilled its promise to launch ChatGPT preview service in Azure OpenAI service,enabling developers to take advantage of various AI-driven scenarios.

Through Azure ChatGPT,the existing chat robot experience can now be enhanced to obtain more efficient customer support and better claim processing automation.In addition,Azure cognitive services can be combined with Azure OpenAI services in a powerful way,such as knowledge-based retrieval of the company’s own data,and a more”credible”response to build and improve the interaction mode.

Microsoft highlighted various customers who will use chat robots in Azure OpenAI services,including Office Depot,Singapore Smart National Digital Government Office and Icertis.Carl Brisco,Vice President of Office Products and Technology of Audi,commented on the company’s interest in using ChatGPT in this way,and pointed out that:

“Office Depot(ODP)Corporation is pleased to take advantage of the powerful ChatGPT AI technology in Azure OpenAI services,which has become possible through our cooperation with Microsoft.This technology will help[Office Depot Corporation]more effectively promote the continuous transformation of business,explore new possibilities,and design innovative solutions to provide greater value to our customers,partners and colleagues.[…]By utilizing ChatGPT’s natural language processing and machine learning capabilities,[Office Depot Corporation]aims to simplify its internal operations and promote business success.”

Microsoft Azure OpenAI service customers can start using ChatGPT today,but the billing will start on March 13,and the price is$0.002/1k tokens(IT Home Note:equal to$2.7 per 1 million words output).At the same time,you can obtain access restrictions to Azure OpenAI service here.