Meta plans to release four AR/VR products in the next four years

Meta said at an internal meeting that it plans to release four new augmented reality(AR)and virtual reality(VR)products in the next four years.

This message is the most complete description of Meta’s AR/VR equipment technology roadmap so far.According to the report,Meta’s first new product is Quest 3,which is the third generation version of its popular Quest headworn device.It will be twice thinner than Quest 2 and at least twice the performance of the previous generation.The device will be released later in 2023.

The second product is a cheaper headworn device,which will be released in 2024 to encourage more users to use this technology.

Meta also plans to release the third generation of Ray-Ban glasses equipped with cameras in 2025.Its viewfinder will allow users to see some information,including text information and real-time translation.

The company also plans to launch a pair of AR glasses with full transparent display in 2027.The company will start internal testing of the product as early as 2024.