IOS 16.4 Beta 2 code shows that Apple Pay, the Apple payment service, is about to land in South Korea

Hyundai Card,a South Korean bank card company,recently announced that it had been approved by the financial regulatory authority to launch the Apple Pay mobile payment service in South Korea in cooperation with Apple.

According to the report of 9to5Mac,a foreign science and technology media,the update of iOS 16.4 Beta 2(internal development version 20E5223e)released today was deeply explored,and relevant clues were found again in the code.

The keyword”CONTINUE_SOUTH_KOREA”was found in the Apple Wallet app,indicating that Apple is about to launch the Apple Pay service in South Korea.

A spokesman for Hyundai Card said in a statement:”We look forward to working with Apple to introduce Apple Pay into South Korea”.Apple said that”we look forward to bringing Apple Pay to Korea”,but added that the details would be announced later.