AppleMusic is accused of monopoly by the European Union: Apple may face a fine of up to US $39.4 billion!

Because of monopoly,Apple may face a huge fine of up to$39.4 billion!

According to the European Commission,this violation stems from Apple’s efforts to protect its music service Apple Music and prevent developers from telling users that there are other more preferential purchase options besides the App Store.

As early as 2019,Spotify,the Swedish music streaming service giant,complained to the European Union about Apple,accusing Apple of charging 30%of its subscription fee in exchange for the Spotify app on the App Store.

In addition,Apple also refused to let users know the cheaper way to access Spotify beyond its App Store.

The European Commission launched an investigation.

The European Commission said that Apple imposed contract restrictions on application developers to prevent them from informing iPhone and iPad users of alternative music subscription options at lower prices other than the application,which violated the provisions of Article 102 of the Treaty on the Operation of the European Union.

If Apple is finally convicted of antitrust,it will be fined up to 10%of its global annual turnover,while Apple’s revenue in 2022 will be as high as$394.328 billion.