Apple will launch independent classical music application Apple Music Classic

Apple announced that it will launch a classic music independent app called Apple Music Classic on March 28,which will provide more benefits to existing Apple Music subscription members without any additional costs.

Apple Music Classic will provide more than 5 million songs and a large number of exclusive albums when it is launched.Many classic works have been performed in multiple versions,and have been recorded and released many times.It is reported that Apple’s new independent app will provide complete and accurate metadata,and users can search and find it according to composer,works,conductor,and even catalog number.

In August 2021,Apple acquired the classic music streaming platform Primesonic.At that time,Apple said that members would have a better classical music experience,starting with Primesonic playlists and exclusive audio content.

Users need to connect to the Internet if they want to use Apple Music Classic.In addition,the Android version of this app will be released soon.