Apple Watch OS 9.4 will recalibrate the battery capacity of the 44mm Apple Watch 6

Apple updated the Apple Watch support document today,which mentioned that the watchOS 9.4 being tested will recalibrate the 44mm Apple Watch Series 6 battery to more accurately estimate the maximum battery capacity.

Apple recalibrated the batteries of Apple Watch Series 4 and Apple Watch Series 5 models in the update of watchOS 9.Now this process is expanding to 44mm Apple Watch Series 6.

All rechargeable batteries are consumables.As the chemical age of the battery increases,the performance of the battery will decrease.Therefore,it is necessary to continuously calibrate the power to evaluate whether the battery is in good condition。

As the chemical age of the lithium-ion battery increases,the amount of electricity that the battery can store will decrease,which will shorten the time that the device can be used before it needs to be recharged.The amount of electricity that the battery can store can be called the maximum capacity of the battery,which is relative to the new battery.

In addition,the ability of the battery to provide maximum instantaneous performance(i.e.”peak power”)may also be reduced.In order for the Apple Watch to work properly,its electronic components must be able to use the instantaneous power of the battery,and one of the factors that affect the instantaneous power output is the impedance of the battery.A battery with high impedance may not provide enough power for the system.

When the chemical age of the battery is high,the impedance may increase.In low charge state and low temperature environment,the impedance of the battery will temporarily increase,and the increase in impedance will be more obvious in combination with the high chemical age.These are the chemical characteristics of the battery,as are all lithium-ion batteries in the industry.

When getting power from a battery with high impedance,the voltage of the battery will drop significantly.The normal operation of electronic components requires certain minimum voltage.This includes the internal storage of the device,the power circuit and the battery itself.

Apple said that the power management system will judge the power supply capacity of the battery,and also manage the load to maintain the operation of the device.If the power management system is operating at full capacity and cannot support the equipment operation,the system will shut down to protect these electronic components.Although the device is not turned off intentionally,users may be surprised.

In Apple Watch Series 5 and later models,Apple has built in software and hardware systems to help reduce the performance impact that may be noticed under certain circumstances(such as low battery power,high peak power or aging battery chemical composition).This system operates automatically around the clock to provide the best performance possible.

In watchOS 7 and later,Apple Watch will learn your daily charging habits to extend battery life.This function is called”optimizing battery charging”.Its function is to reduce battery loss and extend battery life by shortening the time when the Apple Watch is fully charged.

In addition,the”low battery mode”in watchOS 9 will also reduce the power consumption of Apple Watch by turning off or changing some functions,thus extending the battery life.