Apple is exploring Body ID: full body scan to verify identity and analyze physical health

After Touch ID and Face ID,the latest approved technology patent indicates that Apple is developing”Body ID”.That is to say,in addition to fingerprint and face recognition,Apple is exploring full-body scanning.This method can be used not only for authentication,but also for physical health analysis.

Apple recently approved a patent entitled”Electronic Device with Body Composition Analysis Circuit”,which describes a device similar to iPhone that scans human body and provides”targeted content”according to the problems found.

For example,the device can scan body shape,hair color,skin status,etc.,and then provide some targeted health suggestions.

Create a body image by scanning the body from head to foot.You can take the whole body in the picture,and you can also take multiple photos of face,neck,waist,legs and other parts.

Body image data may include front body view and side body view.In addition,the image data may also include videos taken when the subject is breathing and/or moving.