Apple is about to fully update its Mac product line: some models may use M3 processor

Apple is about to release a new generation of Mac laptops and desktops,including a new iMac.

Now good news has finally come.Apple’s next generation iMac desktop has entered the late development stage,which is called the engineering verification test stage(EVT).The company is conducting production tests on this device.

The next generation iMac will use the current 24-inch screen.The color of the currently tested model is the same as that of the existing iMac,including blue,silver,pink and orange.

Of course,the performance of the new iMac is more robust.The new M-series processor belt will be used to replace the M1 processor.In addition,there will be some other configuration adjustments,including the re-layout and redesign of internal accessories.The production industry of the supporting iMac bracket will also be different.

The development code of the new iMac is J433 and J434.Although its development process has entered the later stage,it will be at least three months before mass production.This means that the goods can be delivered in the second half of the year at the earliest.However,since this all-in-one machine has not been updated for nearly two years,it is still good news for users who are looking forward to it.

In addition to iMac,Apple also plans to launch three new Macs in late spring and early summer.These three models may be the first 15-inch MacBook Air(development code:J515),the first Mac Pro(J180)using Apple’s self-developed chip,and the upgraded 13-inch MacBook Air(J513).

People familiar with the matter said that the Mac Pro will use the M2 Ultra processor,which will provide up to 24 CPU cores,76 graphics cores,and at least 192GB of memory,so as to give full play to the performance of the device.

In addition,the timeline for Apple to develop a new generation of iMac is the same as that of the M3 chip,so it is expected that one of them will take the lead in carrying the M3 chip.

However,the chip configuration of MacBook Air is not clear.If these machines are released within a few months and adopt M2 chips,they will soon become obsolete.The 15-inch MacBook Air with M2 chip may still impress some consumers,but the new 13-inch M2 MacBook Air is unlikely to be attractive.

Apple is likely to launch at least one 13-inch model with M2 chip.It really makes sense:M2 has always been regarded as a transitional product before the release of M3,which marks Apple’s first transition from 5nm technology to 3nm technology.

This transformation will significantly improve performance and reduce power consumption.From a time perspective,the MacBook Air is also likely to carry M3.Apple has made it clear that it hopes to follow the practice of iPhone’s A-series processor and upgrade the Mac processor every year.

Apple launched its first M2 chip at the Global Developers Conference last June.If Apple continues to follow last year’s plan,it is likely to launch M3 chip and new MacBook Air at this year’s global developer conference.The company will also launch M3 iMac later this year and launch M3 Pro and M3 based Mac Pro in 2024.

According to people familiar with the matter,Apple also plans to launch a new version of iPad Pro with M3 chip and OLED screen in the first half of 2024.In the far future,there will be Mac upgrades in 2025,which may include the first MacBook with OLED touch screen.