Android 14 Developer Preview 2 Release Beta will be launched in April

The Android system has developed rapidly.With the optimization of the system,many users said that the use experience is getting better and better.Just last month,Google launched the latest Android 14 developer preview.On March 9,the company launched its second developer preview.The new version has made additional enhancements to privacy,security and performance,and will continue to improve the experience of tablets and foldable devices.

According to Google’s official schedule,after the developer preview,the first beta will be released in April,and there will be three beta versions in the next few months.

It is understood that Android 14 Developer Preview 2 supports allowing applications to access only selected photos and videos,or all photos and videos,or not at all.In addition,the application needs to grant permissions to start activities in the background.

In addition,Google has optimized Android’s memory management system to improve the resource utilization rate of applications running in the background.There will also be fewer notifications that cannot be rejected in Android 14,and the API of the App Store will also be improved.In addition,after installing Android 14,users can set personalized temperature units according to their region.

It should be noted that the second developer preview version is still only recommended to app developers for app testing.After the first beta goes online next month,consumers will also be able to try to install and use it.It is reported that Android 14 Developer Preview 2 can be installed on Pixel 4a 5G and later Google devices.

It is worth mentioning that Google I/O 2023 will officially arrive on May 10.According to the news,Android 14,Pixel Fold folding screen mobile phones and other products are expected to appear.