Amazon allows employees to mortgage shares to purchase houses

On Tuesday,local time,American mortgage company Better said in a statement that Amazon would allow employees to use the acquired shares as collateral to apply for loans during the purchase process.

“We are well aware of how difficult it is for young professionals who are burdened with student loans and lack of savings to buy a house.”Vishal Garg,CEO of Better,said in a statement,”This problem becomes more serious when the fast-growing first-class companies increasingly use stocks instead of cash to reward employees.”

Better said that the reason why they developed the project named Equity Unlocker was partly because they thought that Amazon employees were”particularly worried about stock compensation”.

Shares account for a high proportion of Amazon employees’compensation.However,with the decline of the company’s share price,the compensation of some employees has shrunk by up to 50%this year,making this issue more and more concerned.Amazon shares closed at$94.23 on Tuesday,compared with more than$150 a year ago.

Better said that this housing loan benefit is applicable to”former and current employees of Amazon who have acquired shares”.As the major technology giants have reduced their size,Amazon has also announced the layoffs of 18000 people,which began this year.

Amazon spokesman Brad Glasser said that the project was part of the company’s”extensive economic benefits”for employees.

“We are always looking for opportunities to strengthen employees’welfare and provide better support for them in terms of physical and mental health and financial status,”Glacer said.

Amazon employees are worried that the company’s remuneration lags behind other technology giants.But Glaser said that this compensation model is to reward”long-term”thinking.

He said:”Our compensation model is to encourage employees to think like owners,so we associate total compensation with the company’s long-term performance.”