Whose job ChatGPT may replace

It is the general trend for AI to replace some jobs,and the emergence of ChatGPT has accelerated this process.

After the fire of ChatGPT,many people worried that their jobs would be replaced.ChatGPT,as a language model driven by AI,has the advantage of being able to process a large amount of data and generate responses in natural language.Compared with human beings,ChatGPT can process and analyze a large amount of data faster and more efficiently,give fast and accurate answers to complex problems,and can run around the clock without feeling tired or needing rest.This advantage makes ChatGPT show the potential to replace human work.

Some scholars also believe that ChatGPT will replace some human work.From the perspective of productivity and efficiency,enterprises always favor employees with high productivity and efficiency.In the same time,they can complete more work and create more value.Although ChatGPT will not directly replace people’s work as an employee,it can enhance people’s productivity and efficiency,so that the productivity and efficiency of the”one employee+ChatGPT”combination can reach the productivity and efficiency of two or more employees,so its existence will also make some workers lose their job opportunities.

From the perspective of cost,enterprises usually reduce costs to increase profits and achieve the goal of maximizing profits.If the cost of using AI is lower than the wage of the labor force,and the product added value does not match the wage of the labor force,enterprises will tend to use AI to replace the work position of the labor force.ChatGPT can run around the clock without feeling tired or needing rest,which makes it have a high comparative advantage in low cost.Therefore,the work with low added value of products that coincides with ChatGPT functions is easily replaced by ChatGPT.

What will ChatGPT replace

So what will ChatGPT replace?ChatGPT is a kind of AI.The relationship between AI and human can be divided into two stages.The first stage is AI assisting human,and the second stage is AI replacing human.Before ChatGPT,the development of such artificial intelligence was not perfect,and the answer appeared to be dull and illogical,often called”artificial intelligence disability”.At this time,artificial intelligence can only play some auxiliary role,and may replace some routine and routine work,such as some manufacturing workers,transportation personnel,banking practitioners,etc.

But when the job requirements are a little complicated, artificial intelligence seems powerless. Some scholars use machine learning methods to analyze various jobs in the world, and also find that manual and stylized occupations are relatively easy to be replaced, and highly skilled workers with cognitive and creative abilities are not easy to be replaced by artificial intelligence. The emergence of ChatGPT has changed people’s prejudice against AI. Its fast, accurate, erudite and logical answers are really impressive. It seems that the trend of AI replacing people has risen in the second stage.
ChatGPT is a special model in artificial intelligence: natural language processing. It has some unique capabilities. What are the jobs that ChatGPT is most likely to replace with these capabilities? We can ask it first. When asked to ChatGPT: “What jobs can you replace?” ChatGPT replied:

“As an AI language model for natural language processing, I can replace some work that needs to deal with a large amount of text, such as:
1. Customer service representative: I can answer common questions, provide information and solve problems.
2. Text editing: I can check spelling and grammar errors and provide suggestions for modification.
3. Translation: I can translate some common languages, such as English, French, Spanish, German, etc.
4. Search engine: I can search and provide relevant information according to keywords.
5. News editor: I can summarize news from various sources and generate relevant articles.
6. Data analyst: I can process a lot of data and provide relevant analysis and reports.
7. Voice assistant: I can answer users’ questions, provide information and perform tasks, such as sending emails, making schedules, etc.
Of course, I can’t replace all the work. Some jobs require human emotion and judgment, such as art, psychotherapy and medical care. In addition, some professions need practical operation and interaction, such as construction workers, cooks and actors. ”

It can be seen that ChatGPT is very self-aware.It clearly knows what work it can replace and its limitations.In terms of expression,ChatGPT has great advantages in the field of text.It can not only generate articles,but also modify and translate articles.It can also combine text and voice engine to extend its work scope to the audio field;Combine its strong code writing ability with drawing software to realize code drawing and extend its influence to the image field.

From the perspective of function,ChatGPT itself can be used as a search engine to provide efficient search function,which is conducive to reducing information asymmetry and eliminating the possibility of making profits by relying on information difference;ChatGPT’s powerful code writing ability can save people the time to learn code and jump directly to use code.It is proficient in more than ten programming languages such as Python,JavaScript,Go,PHP,SQL,etc.,and can meet the basic needs of ordinary people and have a good experience;ChatGPT’s language ability can avoid the communication barriers of people with different mother tongues;The most powerful function of ChatGPT is to produce the first draft of content in high speed and mass production,which is different from material stacking.ChatGPT can perfect a text with complete structure and strict logic through the theme given by people,and can also give people new inspiration and direction in some cases.This function can make the media content meet the quantity and personalized requirements while meeting the quality,which was unimaginable before.For the jobs that ChatGPT may replace,practitioners should be alert.In the near future,a large number of jobs may be lost.

However,from the current capabilities of ChatGPT,it has many limitations.As it said,it cannot replace artists,psychologists,construction workers,cooks and actors.Even if it can replace those jobs,not all positions can be replaced.It still needs people to control and give instructions,and AI is still human-centered.

However,it should be noted that AI and ChatGPT are still developing,and in the process of continuous growth,it may play a greater role in the areas already touched,and at the same time,it will penetrate into some new areas.For example,in the field of literature,he helped to improve writing,even independent writing;In the judicial field,help lawyers deal with legal documents and case analysis;In the field of education,provide personalized learning resources and recommendations to assist students in learning;In the field of science and technology,provide literature and patent analysis,and provide possible breakthrough directions of technology.

Human advantages over ChatGPT

Facing ChatGPT,humans need not panic.In the long history of human beings,machines have replaced people for a long time.But human beings have never been completely replaced.Instead,they use machines to make their lives better.However,humans need to be vigilant.In the areas that ChatGPT has touched and has not touched,humans need to give more play to their own advantages.What are the advantages of human beings?Combined with the answer of ChatGPT:

The first is creativity and innovation.AI and ChatGPT are very lacking in this aspect.Human beings can put forward new ideas,innovate,invent new technologies and solve problems,which are irreplaceable by AI and ChatGPT.For example,in the field of science and technology,human beings have launched four industrial revolutions through innovation,greatly liberating the productive forces.Steam engine,power,information technology,artificial intelligence and big data are all products of human innovation.Even ChatGPT itself is created by people.Without people’s participation,ChatGPT cannot innovate and create from scratch.

The second is emotional communication.Although ChatGPT can process natural language and interact with humans,it cannot understand and express emotions like humans.It cannot feel happiness,sadness,fear or love,nor can it understand and respond to emotional needs.For example,in the field of early childhood education,children need to learn to interact with others and deal with emotions,which is exactly what ChatGPT cannot achieve.If children are friends with ChatGPT,it may hinder their integration into society.

The third is the sense of responsibility.Every post in society has not only work content,but also a corresponding sense of responsibility.Workers should not only complete their work on time,but also take responsibility for their work.ChatGPT obviously cannot be responsible for the work it has completed.On the contrary,its work responsibility will fall on people.

The fourth is intuition and moral judgment.ChatGPT makes decisions and predictions based on training and data,but human beings sometimes rely on experience and intuition to make decisions,or consider moral and ethical principles,which ChatGPT cannot achieve.In all kinds of dispute cases,morality and law are often a dilemma.Experienced judges usually make judgments that conform to human nature and do not violate the law.ChatGPT itself is based on certain rules and algorithm training.The algorithm is cold,resulting in the lack of intuition and moral judgment in its response,which are beyond the rules and algorithms.It can be said that apathy is the characteristic and disadvantage of AI,and ChatGPT is no exception.

In short,AI has become the trend to replace some jobs.The emergence of ChatGPT has accelerated this process.It really makes many people,especially those who focus on text work,feel the threat of being replaced.Although ChatGPT has many limitations from the perspective of its existing capabilities,and can’t do anything when it comes to technologies such as perception and operation capabilities,creative intelligence and social intelligence,artificial intelligence and ChatGPT are still developing.With its continuous growth,it may play a greater role in the areas it has already touched,and at the same time,it will penetrate into some new areas and threaten new positions,which requires practitioners to be vigilant.

Of course, human beings still have unique advantages, such as creativity, emotion, responsibility, intuition and morality, which AI cannot have. In the long run, relying on these advantages, humans can compete with artificial intelligence such as ChatGPT and use them to help humans create a better life.