Violent turbofan RTX 4090 reappears: noise makes people collapse

We have seen the RTX 4090 with a violent turbine fan more than once before,and this design is strictly prohibited on the game card.Only the professional graphics card of the workstation can be used.

However,despite the NVIDIA ban,there are always manufacturers who have now introduced a new turbofan RTX 4090 from Gigabyte.

There is nothing special about the model.There is a turbine fan at the rear,and the surface is clean without any decorative marks.There is a 16-pin power supply interface at the rear(with four 8-pin adapter cables attached),and the output interface is three DP 1.4 and one HDMI 2.1.

It is a double-slot body with a thickness of 36mm and a length of 250mm.

The specification is consistent with the public version.The core acceleration frequency is 2520MHz,24GB 21GHz GDDR6X video memory,and the whole card power consumption is 450W.

If you are a workstation user and need to do machine learning and deep computing,you can consider it.

But if you are an ordinary gamer,just look at it.Except for its slim figure,its performance is nothing special,and its noise is very loud.The measured fan speed can reach 5200 RPM,which makes it feel like taking off directly.

In addition,the GPU core temperature is about 80℃,and the display temperature can reach 98℃.