The world’s largest notebook exposure: weight 45 kg, equipped with a 43-inch screen

The portability of notebook computer is one of its main selling points,but some people want to build a super-size notebook computer.Recently,the YouTube channel Evan and Katelyn released a video showing the world’s largest laptop made by them,which is equipped with a 43-inch screen and weighs 45 kg.

Evan and Katelyn introduced the process and details of making this giant notebook computer.They first selected an Intel NUC11 host as the core component of this notebook computer,and purchased a 43-inch display online.Then,they made a notebook case and bracket suitable for this size with wood and metal materials,and installed a hinge that can be folded and rotated.In order to make this laptop more complete,they also added a backlit LED keyboard and a touch pad.

Finally,in order to make this huge notebook computer run independently of external power supply,they also placed two 150W rechargeable lithium-ion battery packs inside the chassis,each of which can provide 167Wh of capacity.According to their test,under normal use,these two battery packs can run the giant notebook computer for about one hour.

Evan and Katelyn said that although this huge laptop looks cool,it is not practical.It is too heavy and heavy to carry.And because the screen is too close to the eyes,it is also very uncomfortable to use.Therefore,they do not recommend others to try to make similar products.