The new Nokia phone will be equipped with removable battery and 3.5mm headset hole

Once upon a time,Nokia was a well-deserved leader in the mobile phone market,and other manufacturers were difficult to compete with it.But now,Nokia’s mobile phone business has been entrusted to other companies.Although it has been updating its products,its influence in the market has been greatly reduced.Recently,Mobile China has noticed that Nokia has released a new phone-Nokia C02.Interestingly,this new Nokia is equipped with removable batteries.

According to the introduction,this new Nokia phone is equipped with a four-core mobile phone processor with a main frequency of 1.4GHz,running the Android 12 operating system.Nokia has provided it with a two-year system update service,equipped with a 5.45-inch LCD screen,a polycarbonate frame and a nano-textured back,and supports IP52 waterproof grade.The frame on the display screen of this mobile phone is relatively thick,as if it were the product of several years ago.However,it is a smart phone rather than a function machine.In terms of imaging,the camera is equipped with a 2 megapixel camera in front and a 5 megapixel camera in the rear,and a 3000 milliampere battery is also built in.It should be noted that this battery is removable.Users can replace it with a new one after the battery runs out.

At present,in the overseas market,this mobile phone provides 2GB+32GB storage version,and has two SIM card slots and one microSD card slot.The price of the aircraft has not been officially announced,but it is currently estimated that it should be at$80.