The color of the back cover of the mobile phone can be changed freely, and Tecno announces “chameleon technology”

Tecno brand appeared at the MWC 2023 conference,and first introduced a cool color change technology for the back cover of mobile phones.

Telephony Tecno named this technology”chameleon coloring technology”.When it can be embedded in devices such as the back of smart phones,it can produce a variety of color patterns by pressing a button.

Tecno said that the chameleon coloration technology is a full-spectrum electronic-controlled prism coloration technology,which uses a sub-micron prism material grid and will change the direction when the electric field is applied.By precisely controlling the direction of the prism,the material can refract light of different wavelengths and present a wide range of rainbow colors.

This material is not a display screen and will not actively generate any light,but will reflect the light on its surface and color it in the process.

From the official presentation,the arrangement of submicron prisms can be manually controlled by software,manually selected from a total of 1600 different colors,or automatically changed according to the battery status,music or notification.Think about it,there are many patterns to play.Telephony Tecno said that the change operation can be repeated up to 2 million times,which is very durable even if it is changed many times in a day.

In addition,the material can change color in 0.03 seconds,and the power consumption is negligible.The power required to make 100 changes in a day is only equivalent to the power required to watch 5 minutes of video.

However,the official voice of Tecno did not disclose when the technology will be mass produced,and we can expect to see it in Tecno’s flagship mobile phones in the future.