TCL TV sales jumped to the second place in the world

A few days ago,Omdia,the world’s most authoritative market research organization,officially announced the 2022 global TV shipment report,including TCL,Hisense and Xiaomi.The sales volume of the three brands in 2022 ranked among the top five in the world.

Among them,the annual sales volume of TCL TV exceeded that of LG brand and rose to the second place in history.The market share of the annual sales volume increased by 0.2 percentage points to 11.7%,and has continued to increase since 2019,with an increase of 28%;In addition,the market share of TCL TV sales in the global 75″and above large-screen TV market jumped by 7.4 percentage points to 15.1%year on year,also ranking the second in the world.

The strategy of”high-end+large screen”is not empty talk.It relies on TCL’s technical research and development capabilities.By the end of 2022,as a high-tech manufacturing enterprise,TCL has 43 R&D centers in the world,with more than 18600 R&D personnel,occupying 48 technical high points in 12 fields such as backlight design,backlight technology,complete machine module,etc.,and has completed the whole industrial chain layout of semiconductor chips through TCL Central Semiconductor,Mostar Semiconductor and Huanxin Semiconductor.