Some user experience and security functions of Samsung Galaxy S23/Ultra are developed by India Research Center

Samsung Galaxy S23,S23+and S23 Ultra flagship phones have begun to be sold.This series of mobile phones integrates a large number of research and development achievements in different technical fields,from material chemistry to semiconductor and recycling.Samsung R&D Institute Noida(SRI-N for short)has contributed to the development of Galaxy S23 series in several aspects,especially in improving user experience and security functions.

Samsung disclosed that the SRI-N R&D center in India worked closely with the Korean team to develop breakthrough innovative technologies and add them to the Galaxy S23 series through One UI.First of all,SRI-N helped create some functions,such as the Galaxy to Share application of the Good Lock suite,multi-timer function,bedtime alarm clock and direct dial4×1 Main screen widget.

In addition,Indian SRI-N engineers have also made contributions to the user experience through the sleep tracker panel,as well as the water reminder,body composition monitor,menstrual cycle tracker and heart rate monitor in Samsung Health.

Samsung also said that some of the most powerful user security functions of Galaxy S23 were developed by SRI-N engineers.The developer created the emergency and emergency sharing function,which allows Galaxy S23 users to press the side button three times in an emergency and send a help message containing their location and short video record.