Nokia brand new logo

Although there is no mobile phone business, it still lives well. After all, it is the second largest telecom equipment manufacturer in the world. Now it has officially announced a new logo.
During the World Mobile Communication Conference held in Barcelona, Nokia, the telecom company, announced to refresh its corporate logo in order to reshape the impression of the former mobile phone manufacturers.
“In the eyes of most people, we are still a successful mobile phone brand, but this is not the purpose of Nokia,” said Pekka Lundmark, President and CEO of Nokia in an interview. “We want to launch a new brand, which pays great attention to network and industrial digitalization, which is completely different from traditional mobile phones.”
“It is designed as a symbol of cooperation. Nokia believes that it is crucial to realize the exponential potential of the network: release the benefits of sustainability, productivity and accessibility.”.
With the brand update, Nokia also announced an updated corporate strategy. As early as 2020, when Landmark became the CEO of Nokia, he formulated a three-stage strategy: replacement, acceleration and scale. Since the reset phase has now been completed, Lundmark said that the second phase is beginning.