Musk regained the title of “the richest man in the world”, with total net assets of US $187.1 billion

According to Fox News on February 27,Tesla CEO Elon Musk regained the”throne”of the richest man in the world.The Bloomberg Billionaire Index showed that its total net assets were 187.1 billion dollars.

Bernard Arnault,CEO of the French luxury goods giant LVMH,replaced Musk as the richest man in the world in the middle of December 2022,and kept this title until January 26,2023.Arnault’s net assets are$185.3 billion.

In January this year,certified by the Guinness World Record,Musk lost about 182 billion dollars in personal wealth since November 2021,breaking the Guinness World Record for”the largest loss of personal wealth”.According to a Guinness World Records official report,Musk’s actual loss of personal wealth may be close to$200 billion.Fox News said that in December 2022,Tesla’s share price plummeted,and most of Musk’s wealth was closely related to Tesla.This time Musk has become the richest man in the world again,which is also due to the recent rise of Tesla’s share price.