Meta set up a new team to focus on building AI products

Meta(META.US)said that it would create a new product team within the company,focusing on generative artificial intelligence,a new set of machine learning technology,allowing computers to generate text,draw pictures,and create other media similar to human output.

It is understood that this move comes at a time when large technology companies and well-capitalized start-ups are competing to publicize the progress of machine learning technology and integrate artificial intelligence models into their products.

For example,the large language model created by OpenAI has been integrated into Microsoft(MSFT.US)Bing chat robot and a separate chat robot named ChatGPT.Google(GOOG.US)is developing a chat robot named Bard.On Monday,Snap(SNAP.US)also announced that it would integrate the ChatGPT robot into the Snapchat application.

Although Meta announced its own large language model LLaMA last week.Meta said at that time that the reason why its models are different is that they can be used by researchers,and they are smaller and cheaper than large models.

But the latest statement also shows that Meta,which has done a lot of research in the field of AI,will not let its competitors surpass it in the AI competition.

CEO Zuckerberg said that the department would integrate multiple teams of Meta.The new team will be led by Chris Cox,the current Chief Product Officer.

Zuckerberg also pointed out that the team would develop”creative and expressive”tools for Meta’s products.

“We are exploring text(such as chat in WhatsApp and Messenger),images(such as Instagram’s creative filter and advertising format),video and multimodal experience,”Zuckerberg said.”We still have a lot of basic work to do before realizing the real future experience,but I am excited about all the new things we will create in this process.”