IPhone 15 Plus rendering exposure

After the iPhone 15 Pro series,the rendered image of the iPhone 15 Plus has also been exposed by foreign media.According to the pictures published by foreign media,the size of the iPhone 15 Plus is the same as that of the iPhone 14 Plus,and the whole machine also adopts a more rounded design.

  IPhone15Plus on the right

  It is also worth noting that the iPhone 15 Plus is also equipped with Lingdong Island as standard,which means that the design will be adopted in the entire iPhone 15 series.At the same time,the entire iPhone 15 series will also use the USB-C interface.This universal design also allows more users to effectively use their existing USB-C accessories.

On the imaging system,the iPhone 15 Plus still adopts the dual-photo design,and the probability of two lenses still adopts the design of ultra-wide-angle lens+wide-angle lens.In addition,according to the convention,the 48 megapixel lens used in the iPhone 14 Pro series is also expected to be seen on the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus.

It is still some time before Apple’s new product launch in September.I believe that with the passage of time,we will also get more information about the iPhone 15 series.