ECG function is accused of infringement Apple Watch will be banned as soon as next week

The ECG function is one of the important selling points of intelligent wearable devices.However,this function also causes trouble for Apple,because it is accused of infringing the patent rights of another company.The prohibition of ITC in the United States will take effect as soon as next week,which may lead to the ban of Watch in the United States.

It is reported that the United States International Trade Commission(ITC)ruled in December last year that the Apple Watch with ECG function of(AAPL.US)infringed the patent of Alive CorInc,a medical device manufacturer.

The ban will take effect as soon as next week,meaning that Apple’s Apple Watch Series 8 smart watch will not be available in the US market.

At present,Apple’s only solution is to lobby the government to prevent the ban from coming into force.The U.S.government will decide next Monday whether to maintain the ITC infringement ruling or support Apple to cancel the relevant ban.