ChatGPT search storm

The market pattern of search engines has not changed much for 20 years.Now,the battle between Google and Microsoft is again playing out.When ChatGPT was in vogue,search became the biggest battleground for the application of large language model(LLM).

In terms of the LLM technology process,Google’s research and development of relevant large models is actually going hand in hand with OpenAI’s ChatGPT.But Bard,which was just launched in a hurry,appears to be very passive.Google’s official explanation is that they need to consider the impact of new technology on society and do not want to launch a search system that is full of holes.

However,as a commercial company,economic costs should be considered behind any behavior.You should know that a change of 1 percentage point in the market share of advertising in search may bring about fluctuations in the revenue of a few billion dollars.If Google wants to introduce LLM,which is not very effective in application,into the search engine business,which accounts for 92%of the global market,it is difficult to innovate boldly without strong challenges from external competitors.

On the other hand,self-revolution is a serious violation of human nature.What’s more,the so-called”big enterprise disease”in big factories is unavoidable.

This is exactly the opportunity that Microsoft Bing can take advantage of.The global market share is less than 3%at present,and the historical burden is very small.The news that New Bing will launch makes Google impatient.

The number of users of ChatGPT has reached 100 million.It is conceivable that if Google search does not follow LLM this time,it will gradually change according to its own pace.There is a huge risk that the old base of its search business will be overturned.If Google follows LLM,to bear the risk of poor user experience,it must also bleed heavily on the existing search costs-about 30 billion dollars will also be spent.

Of course,the senior executives of Google and Microsoft know this better than anyone else,but the former is more anxious and the latter is excited.

After comprehensive consideration of the risks,Google can only face up to the challenge,so there is Bard.Bard means”vagrant poet”.According to Baidu’s results,such poets usually act in a half-tone and don’t stick to small details.Everything is smooth and everything is loose.Not to mention,this style is quite in line with the current ability characteristics of the current LLM model.By contrast,Microsoft New Bing is now like a bully”desperate Sanlang”who wants to do a lot of work.After all,to some extent,Bing has nothing to lose,and it is likely to hit the bottom again this time.

So how will ChatGPT affect the current search architecture and related business costs?Previously,OneFlow released the Economic Account Behind ChatGPT,which deduced the cost of training large language models from an economic perspective.Starting from the LLM search architecture and cost analysis,this paper discusses the potential subversion of Microsoft Bing and OpenAI’s use of the Large Language Model(LLM)to search business,and analyzes the evolution and development of LLM in search.