Behind ChatGPT: from 0 to 1, the whole development of OpenAI

As soon as ChatGPT was launched,OpenAI became famous,and CEO Sam Altman also became the leading actor in the spotlight.Some reports even started the”God Creation”campaign against him.He became famous at a young age.He became the president of YC before he was 30 years old.From GPT-3 in 2019,he began to lead the operation of OpenAI and has made remarkable achievements today.

He is good at enlarging enterprise development from 1 to 1000,but there are more stories from the founding of OpenAI to the release of GPT-2.

Greg Brockman is the key man to pull OpenAI from 0 to 1.He is the co-founder of OpenAI.Since 2015,Greg and chief scientist Ilya Sutskever have led the creation,daily operation and research of OpenAI.Greg is also the chairman and president of OpenAI(he was CTO until 2022).From the perspective of corporate power structure,he is the number one person behind OpenAI.

Greg has an extraordinary resume.In 2009,he graduated from the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of Harvard University.In 2010,he studied for a doctoral degree in computer science at MIT,and maintained well-known projects such as XVM,Linerva and graduation,he became the CTO of Stripe,the Internet payment platform,and helped the team achieve the growth of the number of employees from 4 to 250.However,at the time of the company’s booming development,he chose to step back and continue to pursue the great cause,which led to the entrepreneurial process of OpenAI.

OpenAI was also born from a group of extraordinary investors.As we all know,OpenAI originated at a dinner in Menlo Park in 2015.At that time,the leaders gathered together.Under the vision of”building safe AI for the benefit of mankind”,they decided to create a non-profit organization,and finally won Mask,Jessica Livingston(founding partner of Y C),Peter Thiel(co-founder of PayPal),including Greg Brockman and Sam Altman A billion dollar investment from entrepreneurs such as Reid Hoffman(co-founder of LinkedIn)and well-known enterprises and institutions such as Amazon’s AWS.

Money is not enough.Greg,who is responsible for creating the OpenAI team,also needs to find technical talents who can realize this vision.At the time of the ChatGPT fire,there was a hot topic on the Internet:Is the obstacle to domestic teams to study products like ChatGPT technology,money or leadership?

Technically,the core algorithm of ChatGPT has long been open,and there is no secret.Whether it is a large Internet company or a start-up company with a financing of more than 10 billion yuan,it is not lack of purchasing power and data capital.There are still many people who reflect on the lack of such soil for investment and entrepreneurship in China.But the most important thing is that we lack a team like OpenAI and leaders with great vision and firm belief,which are necessary conditions to make all visions possible.

Greg hopes to invite a group of top talents to form a team by searching for human networks.The node figures on this network are amazing,including Daniel Geoffrey Hinton,Yann LeCun,Yoshua Bengio and other”three giants”in the field of deep learning,who recommended him with top technical talents in the field of artificial intelligence,including Daniel Pieter Abbel and Andrej Karpati in the field of robotics and reinforcement learning(who later returned to OpenAI after serving as the director of Tesla AI for a period of time)Ian Goodfellow(inventor of GAN network),Wojciech Zaremba(student of Yann Licun),etc.Of course,in addition to the stars,if you attend the offline meeting at that time,the person sitting next to you is Greg,he will take the initiative to communicate with you and invite you to join OpenAI if he thinks it is appropriate.