Apple’s exploratory design team exposed more information and studied next-generation display technology and AR

A Bloomberg report provides an in-depth report on the ongoing non-invasive blood glucose monitoring technology work,which was carried out in the mysterious exploratory design group(XDG).A new Bloomberg report today gives more information about the internal work of the XDG team.

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg said in his latest Power On newsletter that the XDG team”operates as a startup company of Apple”.The team has a total of hundreds of people,mainly composed of”engineers and academics”.The team works in a building called Tantau 9,which is just outside the Park.

In terms of organization,XDG essentially operates in Apple’s hardware technology group led by John Srouji,and its daily operation is led by a few engineers and scientists.Previously led by Bill Arthur,a long-term”engineering researcher”,Arthur died unexpectedly at the end of 2022.

According to the report,although the team operates as a startup company,it is still separated like other Apple departments.People working on one project in XDG are not allowed to exchange their work with other members of XDG assigned to different projects.However,the members of the team are organized by skill combination rather than individual projects.This means that an engineer may work on several projects suitable for his skills,rather than on a specific product.

Bloomberg explained that XDG currently focuses on the development of Apple’s non-invasive blood glucose monitoring technology,but there are”other projects under way”,including the next-generation display technology,and the AR and VR functions of Apple’s head display”to help people with eye diseases”.

The XDG team also studied”low-power processor technology and next-generation battery for smart phones”,which is one of the initial reasons for the establishment of the team.Today’s report said:”Many chips and battery technologies developed by XDG have been used in iPhone,iPad and Mac for many years.”

It is reported that Apple’s XDG team has”huge financial resources and space to explore countless ideas”.What the team will bring next remains to be seen.