Apple will update iOS 16.4 to provide users with all-weather display of power consumption

Apple introduced the all-weather display function in the iPhone14Pro series for the first time.This function can dynamically display notifications and information on the premise of displaying all wallpapers,and also recognize the user’s action of putting the phone into the pocket and automatically close the screen.However,this feature will also bring a lot of power consumption to mobile phones.Apple has provided users with power consumption display after enabling this feature on iOS 16.4.

After the launch of this feature on iPhone 14 Pro,some people said that even though Apple has optimized to reduce the screen refresh rate to 1Hz when not using the screen,displaying elements on the screen still consumes more power than not displaying anything.

In the iOS 16.4 Beta code released by developers,Apple is adding power consumption data about the all-weather display function in the”Settings”application,similar to the way it displays specific categories such as personal hotspots.However,it is still uncertain whether this feature has been enabled in this beta.

The comparison test found that the all-weather display function can consume 20%of the power of the iPhone 14 Pro in 24 hours.If the user chooses to enable all-weather display,but does not use wallpaper,the phone will consume about 14%of the battery at the same time.

Context-interior comments:This function is still very useful.It can let users display information without using their mobile phones,and let users find it at the first time.Moreover,the wallpaper set will not be wasted.However,it is clear that the power consumption is still the biggest problem of this function.If Apple can reduce the power consumption after subsequent optimization,this function will be very practical.