AMD R9 7950X3D is exposed, which is about 11% better than Intel i9-13900K in the game

HDTecnologia just released the evaluation guide for the R9 7950X3D processor a few days ago.Official data show that the game performance of the R9 7950X3D is 6%higher than that of the competitors.

G01d3nm4ng0 now released the run points of AMD’s Ryzen 7000X3D processor and Intel i9-13900K,as well as the game FPS test results.

The results show that AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D is significantly better than Intel’s flagship product,Core i9-13900K,under the condition of RTX 3090,but he only tested five games in 1080p state,which is bound to be full of limitations,just for reference.

Among the highest quality games such as”Far Cry5″and”Tomb Raider:Shadow”,the R9 7950X3D is about 11~12%faster than the Core i9-13900K,while in the very cache-eating game”Assassin’s Creed:Hall of the Spirit”,the advantage directly reaches 35%,but in”Metro Exodus”,the advantage is only 5%.

From the result,the only victory of i9-13900K was to narrowly beat R9 7950X3D by 2%in Star Control.

The R9 7950X3D will be available on February 28 at a price of$699.