Amazing! Microsoft accidentally revealed the new interface of Windows 12

Microsoft shared a screenshot of an unnamed Windows user interface at the recent Ignite conference.Therefore,Redmond may have shown a preview of the Windows 12 UI.Microsoft launched a new Surface PC product line at the Ignite conference.However,an image showing a variant of the company’s flagship operating system that users still do not know has attracted people’s attention.

When it comes to breaking news about the upcoming release of Windows,Windows Central does the best.The website examined this image,which was used to illustrate the Microsoft Team application during the presentation.After saying that Windows 12 may be launched in 2024.Due to the poor image quality,a model is designed to accurately show what we see.

The problematic illustration shows a new UI.It doesn’t look like the Windows user interface we are familiar with now.Therefore,the floating taskbar is located at the bottom of the screen.The system icon is located in the upper right corner.The floating search field is at the top center.The weather appears in the upper left corner of the image.

Windows Central redraw the design.Because they have seen an internal demonstration of a similar Windows 12 interface prototype with a similar layout.Therefore,although the above figure may not be an accurate representation of the new UI.It can indeed serve as a statement of the goals that the Microsoft team hopes to achieve in the upcoming version.Its code name is”Next Valley”.